Student Recipes

Hey everyone,

I stumbled across this website looking for fast, healthy, simple and most importantly budget-friendly recipes.

Being an aspiring ballerina and studying long hours means I rarely have time to prepare a proper nutritious meal often mixing together pre-made ingredients… Not any more, thanks to this awesome website.

As it states on its home page this website is “The largest collection of recipes for students, made by students”

I think this website is going to become my new cookbook “bible”… It’s seriously good

Be sure to check it out! I am sure you will not be disappointed!

Get clicking! 



SunWarrior Protein Powder Review

SunWarrior Protein Powder by far has to be the best protein powder I have ever tried.

Long, active days spent training to be a professional ballerina can take its toll and for years I tried numerous protein powders till I finally found the one! (Excuse the cliché)

Be sure to check out this review by ‘Healthy Smoothie Headquarters”… I am sure it will be able to convert you!