Student Recipes

Hey everyone,

I stumbled across this website looking for fast, healthy, simple and most importantly budget-friendly recipes.

Being an aspiring ballerina and studying long hours means I rarely have time to prepare a proper nutritious meal often mixing together pre-made ingredients… Not any more, thanks to this awesome website.

As it states on its home page this website is “The largest collection of recipes for students, made by students”

I think this website is going to become my new cookbook “bible”… It’s seriously good

Be sure to check it out! I am sure you will not be disappointed!

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SunWarrior Protein Powder Review

SunWarrior Protein Powder by far has to be the best protein powder I have ever tried.

Long, active days spent training to be a professional ballerina can take its toll and for years I tried numerous protein powders till I finally found the one! (Excuse the cliché)

Be sure to check out this review by ‘Healthy Smoothie Headquarters”… I am sure it will be able to convert you!


40 ‘Mean Girls’ Quotes That Make Everyday Life Worth Living

HOW DID I JUST FIND THIS…. This is perrrrfect

Thought Catalog

Quoting Mean Girls isn’t just a sport. It’s a national pastime. Mean Girls is how we make sense of the world, giving the chaos of the universe a recognizable template by which to understand it. More than any writer of her age (and I’m serious), Tina Fey has changed the ways that young people speak and interact with each other, introducing lovely new phrases into the vernacular like “fetch” and “that’s not a thing.” If I had to go an entire day without using a Fey-ism, I don’t know if I could do it. Tina Fey gives me life. She is my reason for being.

With that in mind, I compiled a list of my most-used Mean Girls quotes, in no particular order. This list is in no way an objective compilation, and you may find that your favorite quips vastly differ from mine. That’s one of the great things…

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Schoko-Nuss Cocos




I have almost, quite possible discovered the most amazing thing since Nutella…. That’s right!!!!! Schoko-Nuss Cocos is an all natural blend of coconut, hazelnut and chocolate! It is seriously good and so healthy for you… Well maybe I lie but it’s much better for you compared to Nutella..