Weekly Wrap Up



Hello everyone,

This week has been a very relaxing week as we had a week off from classes at  the ADT (Akademie des Tanzes). That being said, I actually feel like I got a lot done!

On Wednesday, I finally went to the Rhein Galerie in Ludwigshafen (a neighbouring city) with Tash. I had a great time shopping and browsing at the Rhein Galerie, picking up a few items myself! The shopping centre is quite modern and new inside and had a wide range of shops including Hollister! Holla! 😛

Fast forward to Friday and I went to see Gravity in 3D at the local cinema. Gravity was unbelievable! Nerve-racking, sentimental and thrilling I left the cinema feeling so grateful for gravity and at the same time squashing an dreams of mine to ever become an astronaut…. (I have never wanted to be an astronaut btw) 😉

Even throughout the week I made time to go the studio to practice every second day. As a ballerina in training, the training never stops! Even as I type I am stretching! I am so glad, personally, I made the time because I know come Monday that (hopefully… fingers crossed) I won’t be sore! But we all know that’s a lie!

Here are some photos of me in the studio! Oh how I love spare time at the ballet school!





Happy blogging!

Natalie x


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